High Quality AV Inventory.

AUDIO: We provide a host of sound systems rental options that are easy to use and clear to the ears. Our Audio Systems vary depending on your crowd. For example, a group of 20-50 people uses a different sound system than a thousands of people. We only use high quality professional audio equipment to help our customers obtain the correct level of audio support at their event.

VISUAL: We have a fleet of projectors and LCD TVs to accommodate to events that require a screen, all displaying in HD. The best part about of our services is having our team of audio visual tech at your disposal and the team will be doing the set up and turn your event space into a complete venue.

We ensure quality and consistency in our products and services.

We are always improvising on our management and setup, adding our inventory with more exclusive and high quality items to keep our events at top-notch quality.

Technical Support

Our Audio/Visual Equipment rental includes LCD Projectors, Multi Media Production, Plasma Displays, Audio Equipment, Laptops PA Systems, Microphones and Mixers, Web Streaming, Lighting, Sound, Staging Equipment and Screens. Clients can choose from our wide selection of inventory based on their events needs and requirements.

Tailored AV Solutions

We provide high-quality audio visual solutions no matter the size of your event. We take a tailored appreach to your event's audio visual requirements as we appreciate the need to combine the technical designs of the AV system with other production elements. Hence the AV Set up will be customised and cated to your events needs and requirements.

Qualified AV Technicians

Our specialist team of experienced AV technicians willwork alongside the specs of the events and create the most compelling audio visual solution for your event. They will be there to assist with the set-up and throughout the event so clients can leave their event safely in our hands.

We specialise in tailored lighting solutions for all events, using trusted brands and operated by experienced AV and lighting technicians.

Professional lighting equipment, creative set up and skilled planning is equivalent to impressive results at even the most basic venue. Lighting is so much more than just putting a spotlight on a presenter. It also creates an ambience in conjuction with the elements and dynamic fixtures to build a visual experience.

Effects Lighting

Effects lighting can make your event look spectacular. A break up wash, or moving lights for the entertainment can make your event stand out from the rest. Our lighting technicians can help you create a spectacular and customized lighting experience. 

LED Lighting

With our large range of LED cans, we can use them to create an atmosphere for your event whether it's stage lighting, up lighting or a simple room. LED Stage lighting or Event Lighting provides great lighting and energy features over conventional Stage lighting. LED Stage Lights (and LED lights in general) give off less heat at the point the light fixtures “shines” or illuminates. Which can make cooler “Stage Area” for Acts to perform or events to take place. 

High Resolution LED Wall

Creating unique, dynamic events starts with a great vision. LED video screen rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. LED video wall rental can be utilized in more than just concert and musical event settings. Many corporate companies are turning to rental LED screens for trade show booths, corporate events and gatherings, as well as live television broadcast and tapings.

Perfect for an array of special events from corporate conferences to keynote addresses to private parties and beyond, our visual installations will definitely get positive attention from your attendees!

Innovative LED Technology

With growing trends and technology in the live production world, we understand that each client has their own idea of what they want their stage lighting to look like and so we offer highly customizable stage lighting. All of our highly technological equipment has been designed to help you achieve the look that you want for your event. Visual difference can give a creative freedom to the ambience!

Dynamic Events

LED video wall rental can be utilized in more than just concert and musical event settings. Many corporate companies are turning to rental LED screens for trade show booths, corporate events and gatherings, as well as live television broadcast and tapings. We have a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest quality and fluid execution of your LED video wall from start to finish.

Trained Lighting Operators

Our team of highly trained lighting technicians will guide you through the whole process and operate the lights for you on the day of the event. They know how to safely deliver LED wall equipment, they understand how to set it up in order to promote perfect performance and they also are able to handle take-down after a special event is complete.

We would love to understand more about your event and customise according to your needs. Drop us a message; let us know what your event is about and what you hope to achieve. We would love to assist you.